1953 was the year Bill Harrah acquired George's Gateway club from George Cannon for $500,000 which Cannon financed.  George Cannon and Curly Musso were also the original investors that started "Heavenly".  Cruly Musso went to work for Harrah.

This is what Harrah built from George's Gateway Club, his first casino at Lake Tahoe.  It was beside Harvey's and was nick named the Lakeside Casino.  This was when the Hwy 50 was just 2 lanes and the sidewalks were wooden.

In 1969 Bill Harrah sold his Lakeside casino, the Thrifty Gambler to Harvey Gross for $5,250.000 the highest priced casino sale to date. Harrah needed the cash to fund the construction of his new 250 room 5 Star Hotel.

Harrah bought these two casinos next in 1955.  Harrah saw potential in Tahoe because it was a tourist destination resort.  These 2 casinos were accross the street from Harveys and eventually would become Harrahs Tahoe.